Boiler Medic 5 Star Boiler and Central Heating Service Agreement


Boilermedic have brought out their 5 star service agreement product to enable homeowners and landlords the peace of mind and protection in the event of various problems with their boiler controls and central heating.


In all other cases we will write to advise you of the change at least 28 days prior to any change taking effect. Where the changes do not benefit you and if you wish to terminate your agreement, you may terminate your agreement and we will refund your total fee for the whole agreement if we have not either attended your property, or if we have not completed a service or breakdown visit. Once we have visited your property this agreement will last the agreed duration of 12 months and will have a minimum cancellation charge of £99.

Repairs in the event of breakdown of a single gas boiler, controls and wet central heating in your Home (this agreement does not include warm air systems). In the first year under this agreement callouts and repairs will not be included until the expiry of 28 days from the commencement of the period of Service agreement.

Your 5 star agreement will begin from the day we receive your first payment and the cover will not begin until 28 days from this date.

Parts and labour. There is no age limit on your boiler and it does not matter who installed it, as long as all the essential working parts are available. Any parts or appliances which are faulty will at first be repaired where appropriate and then new or refurbished parts will be installed. Any required replacement parts are sourced from our network of suppliers. These may differ from the original, for example, using a standard radiator valve to replace a chrome plated radiator valve, unless an alternative is provided by you.

First Service of your boiler and system (except electric boilers and parts of the system that aren’t easy to get to) Is included in your agreement. Your boiler must pass its First Service.

Annual Service of your boiler and system (except electric boilers and parts of the system that aren’t easy to get to). Is included in your agreement. Gas Safety Certificate: This will be included in your service agreement for an extra fee of £25 if required, but must be carried out during your first service or annual service. If carried out at a different date to your service it will then be charged at a higher rate outside of this agreement. Retests may also be chargeable if further work is required to bring the heating system up to the current standards.

This agreement includes radiators, radiator valves and central heating pipework , along with the boiler and controls. Cylinders will be drained down and capped off but not replaced under this agreement. All necessary PowerFlushTM work if required. Please note at present there are no heating companies which offer powerflushing or descaling within their service contracts. This will not be carried out during the winter months. However we will complete minor or alternative flushes of the system at this time to enable the heating or hot water to work until the summer months. Usually between march and September powerflushing will be carried out. Please see the powerflsuhing section in our general exclusions.

Boiler and Controls, Central Heating and Gas Appliance Exclusions

The following are excluded from the service agreement:

This product can only be used at one property for which it was taken out for and will last for a minimum of 12 months. There will be a minimum cancellation charge of £99 after the first 14 days of this service contract.

The following are excluded from central heating agreement but are included in the plumbing and drainage agreement.


This will be an extra charge to the central heating agreement of £30 for the year and designed to meet the demands and needs of householders who want protection in place in the event of various problems with their internal plumbing or their internal and external drains. This item is an add on to the boiler service contract and cannot be purchased on its own.

Plumbing Cover


Restoring flow by getting to and unblocking or repairing drainage pipes and waste pipes (for example, unblocking sinks, waste and rainwater drains). This applies to pipes within the boundary of your property but only where you have sole responsibility for the pipes (this does not include public or shared drains even if these are within the boundary of your property).


General Conditions and Exclusion for all agreements

Our responsibilities


Where your agreement includes repairs to boilers or repairs to boilers as part of a central heating system:

First Service

If the service reveals a problem, we may:

Annual Service

Access to your property

PowerFlush of central heating

Magnetic filters and scale reducers

Appointment Times

Landlord’s Gas Safety Records

Your Cancellation Rights

Our Cancellation Rights
We may cancel your agreement in the following circumstances:

5.14 Safety advice

Spare parts
Approved equipment
Third-party rights


Moving home
Governing law

General exclusions
Design or existing faults

Accidental damage/ Third-party damage/ damage from intentional risk taking

All other loss and damage Risks normally insured under household or other insurances Other Exclusions
We will not include the following: